We did it!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to The 100 Campaign. We set out to raise $100 from 100 people in 100 days, and because of your generosity, we exceeded all of our goals.

We’re launching an exciting fundraising campaign with the goal of receiving

100 Dollars


100 People


100 Days

  • our progress

104 of 100 Donors Achieved

As a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, cash donations made to Bering Open Gate are tax deductible. Always consult with a tax professional prior to claiming charitable contributions on your income tax return.

The Open Gate 100 Campaign is a fundraising campaign to benefit our participants by raising funds to cover the cost of our weekly Hawthorne Dinners, hygiene packs, infant care supplies, and other costs associated with providing services.

The campaign kicks off August 1 and ends November 8. When visiting the donation page, be sure to specify your donation is for The 100 Campaign.

See Who’s Joined The 100 Campaign

Stephen May & Jon-Michael Gillispie

David K. Johnson

Andrew McGovern

Ken Gregg

Luke Blankenship

Brinton Miller

Lary Barton

David Hanks

David Manuel

Jan Glazner

Rick Renshaw

Dennis White & Vernon Bartley

Robert Meador & Armando Ramirez

Patrick Killough

Carolyn Rice & Alina Bolua

Mary Hoffman

Warren & Marsha Holleman

Hugh Shannonhouse & Fernando Gonzalez Hernandez

Sara Owen Gemoets

Larry Broughton & Bob Anastasia

Mike Fertitta

Mike Scott

Mike Crippen & Scott Loree

Suzanne Gomez

Drew and Jennifer Rossi

W Jack White & Sherri Ryan White

James Pate

Larry Laidig

Robert Harris

Bob Manchester

Frank Staggs

Mitch & Oscar Spivey

Jim Knauff

Val Powell Juarez

Genevieve Stevens & Claire LaPointe

Craig and Nelda Brooks

Joanna Serra

Bob Charles

Kenny & A.L. Turner

Bruce Kelton

Debbie Moffett

Diane & Jack McGehee

Steven Hand & Jeff Bules

David Page & Barbara Page

Barry Browning

Fernando Dovalina, Jr

Constance Gray

John Lehner

David Idrogo

Kyle Marvin

Randall Jobe & Linda Jobe Williams

Dennis Myers

Travis Peiffer

Mark Albright

Bobby Peiffer

Tricia Lynn & Sharon Ponton

Don & Kathy Sinclair

Ken Malone

Stephanie Scovell

Eric Liston

Jim Carter

Bob Shimp

Jim Halbur

Mitchell Cole

Robert Cobb

Suzan Carter

Thomas Ward

Grace Harvey

Rosemary Cloud

Jill Kean

Tim Hontz

Angela Smith & Kevin Geurts

Jim McEntire

Donald R. Woest

Jim Carter

Kathryn Martin

Sharon Tate & Melvin McKey

Tommy Calzadias

Trish & Bill King

Hank Mayfield

Albert Massey

Dave & Becky Jones

George & Claire Marshall

Brad Colle

Esther Houser

Mark Mayfield

Susan Moore

Alfred Bence

Terri & Steven Snyder

Jeff Hoffman

William McDugald

Sharon Prince

Michael Edgett

Michael Salinas

Rob Dorsett

Ken Biggers

Kristine Bell

Alejandra Castro

Michael & Danielle Guffey

Matt McCrory

Patricia Medrano

Derrick & Hami Arrington

David L. Johnson