A fundraising campaign with the goal of raising

100 Dollars


100 People


100 Days

As a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, cash donations made to Bering Open Gate are tax deductible.

The campaign has ended








The Open Gate 100 Campaign is a fundraising campaign to benefit our participants by raising funds to cover the cost of our weekly Hawthorne Dinners, hygiene packs, infant care supplies, and other costs associated with providing services.

The campaign has begun and will end in 100 days. When visiting the donation page, be sure to specify your donation is for The 100 Campaign.

See Who Joined The 100 Campaign in 2020

Michael Stillman

Ann McKenzie

Ginger Martinez
In Memory of Michelle Lee Martinez

David K. Johnson

Mike Scott

Rick Renshaw

Diane McGehee

Jack McGehee

William & Patricia Smith
In Honor of Angela & Kevin Geurts

Dennis Myers

Don & Kathy Sinclair

Robert Feltenberger

Patricia Dedert & Michiel Ultee

Fernando Dovalina

Rick Ruble

Douglas Stevens

Bob Manchester

Genevieve Stevens & Claire LaPointe

Elizabeth Smith

Esther Houser

Howard Moreno-Kanelakos

David Daigle & Patricia Brock

Rick and Amy Hume

Lynn and Charles Loggie

Ken Biggers

Ed Cordray

Burke Randolph

Al Amado

Sue Carter

Micheal Evans

Joyce Hays

Dennis Hartmann

Rosemary Cloud

Brad Colle

Val Juarez

Carolyn & Glenn Hopkins

Leba Glazner

JoAnna Serra

Nelda Brooks

William McDugald
In Memory of Mimi Meredith McDugald

Roger Woest
In Honor of David K. Johnson

Steve Evans

Ron Donlevy

Mike Crippen & Scott Loree

Elaine Saunders

Travis Peiffer

Gil Betancourt

Kurt Schultz
In Honor of Kathy Weber’s birthday

Mary Brown

Yina Brewton & Jamie Brewton

Andrew Noel

Danielle & Michael Guffey

Keith Akers

Barbara Kwasnik

Paul Shaw

Open Hearts Ministry at St Peter’s UMC

Stephen Brent May & Jon-Michael Gillispie

Norman Osland

Sharon Prince

Mark Albright

Damien Kelly

David & Barbara Page

Jill Kean

Dennis Myers

Eduardo Elizondo

Al Gavito and Stan Grier

Steven Snyder
In Memory of Terri Snyder

Patrick Killough
In Honor of Open Gate Participants and Volunteers

Ken Council
In Honor of David K. Johnson

James Pate

John & Patsy Howard

Ernie & Ann Turney

Larry Broughton & Bob Anastasia

Arigesta Adetutu

Rob Dorsett

Henry Mayfield

Denis Kelly

Bob Charles

Jim Carter

Lary Barton

Gene Graham

Tom Stephenson

LuAnn (Robin) Armer

Patricia Andrews

David Johnson

Tommy Calzadias

Justin Haynes

Susan Moore

Chris Friend

PetaGay Ledbetter

Laura Wiggs

Angela Smith and Kevin Geurts

Pablo Martinez (Lady Shamu-Hamburger Mary’s)

Catherine Gentry

Katherine Bauer

Tom Ward

Shawn Smith

Mark Hopke

David & Marilyn Meeker-Williams

Warren & Marsha Holleman

Trish King
In Honor of David K. Johnson

Mary Dimand

James Knauff

Frank Staggs

Randy Scott

Tony’s Corner Pocket

Suzanne Gomez

Jeff Host

John Lehner

Patrick King

Mitchell Cole

Rob Seible

Tom P. Smith
In Honor of David K. Johnson

Rob and Christine Johnson
In Honor of David K. Johnson

Rick Stroud

Jeff Butvinik

Kerryn Rodriguez
In Honor of Ann Turney

Amanda Chiu

Ken Gregg

Carla Christofferson

David Manuel

Mark Isaacson

Warren & Marsha Holleman

Martha Mejia

Brinton Miller

Mark Mayfield

Katelyn Melcher-Sarantis

Barry Browning

Karen Kegel

Henry Chiu

David Hanks